Shopping and the test of Ladakh

The highest region in India is Ladakh, which is popular for its natural beauty beauty, culture and traditions. Along with that it is also prominent for its beauty of its high remote mountains and upper Indus River Valley. It is a dry region, with average rainfall of 100 mm, hence is known as a cold desert. However the region sees heavy snowfall during the winter season, hence the main source of water here are the glaciers.  Since historically Tibet was in vicinity of this region it has great influence of Tibetan culture in this region. The influence of Tibat can be easily seen on the attire, food, festivals etc. The region has mix of Buddhist and Muslim population, however the Buddhists are the majority.

Ladakh is very popular for its unique cuisine.  The food of this region has closely similar with Tibetan cuisine, the most significant food is Thukpa, a noodle soup and tsampa, known in Ladakhi as ngampe which is roasted barley flour another strictly Ladakhi dish is skyu, which is made with pasta and root vegetables. Tea made in Ladakh is very different to what you will have in any other part of India. The tea here is salty and is made using green tea and yak butter. The mixing pot is also very different as the locals use what is known as Gurgur Cha, a large vessel, to churn the tea.
The cooking style of vegetables like potatoes, beans etc. are quite different than what we find in major parts of India and is mostly down to the height and terrain of the region. Traditional foods also have meat and poultry in it and is generally accompanied with the vegetables.  The Ladakhi bread, khambir, is also worth trying especially with local apricot jam.

Shopping in Ladakh is very interesting. There are lots of local and handmade options are available. There are lots of local shops and showrooms are available in Leh. Some of the most famous items are such as Pashmina shawls and other Pashmina wool garments , handmade woollen gloves, caps and sweaters, apart from these items you can get the Tibetan handicraft items such as Thangka paintings, Buddhist masks, prayer wheels ect. 

Tibetan silver jewellery and traditional Ladakh jewellery with turquoise are one of the favourite shopping items among the tourists.  Apart from this there are a very wide range of handwoven carpets, shawls and rugs available here. The main markets in Leh are Tibetan Market off Old Leh Road for traditional clothes, Moti Market near the Leh bus stand.

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Shopping and the test of Ladakh

The highest region in India is Ladakh, which is popular for its natural beauty beauty, culture...

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