Culture and History

Indian culture & history is as old as the origin of humanity and civilization - proved, coined and backed by many historians and scholars. The best of them is termed for Varanasi by Mark Twain as “older than history”. The Indian history has witnessed the rise and fall of numerous empires and its voluminous population had always tuned in with the changing culture. It has served the purpose of every seafarer or silk router, and have opened its vast resources to introduce something new to the world. Evolving empires introduced their own cultures and thus bringing up new religions including robust Jewish and Christian communities. Inspired by the history India has something different at every 70 miles you explore - the variance brought and nurtured since ages are its art, lifestyle, cuisine, architecture, outfit, language and importantly the belief in every individual. 

The magnificent forts and palaces speaks the riveting tales of history lived by the empires and their kingdom. The land has witnessed its Golden period during the Gupta age and the also the fall of the Mughal empire by Aurangzeb in the hands of British. Possibly during the late 19th century, its people came in true realisation of being Indian and led the Indian rebellion of 1857 – a fight for freedom. This was later carried away by various sacrifices and through years the emerging and influencing leaders like Mahatma Gandhi. The life of India lies in the rural villages where the population is contributing towards the Indian cosmopolitan cities and vice - versa.  Come and discover the vast heritage of Indian culture and who knows you may end up exploring something new, virgin – unseen ever by any traveller.


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