Akshardham Temple Darshan in Delhi (Half Day Tour)

Akshardham Temple Darshan in Delhi

Akshardham Temple Darshan is one of the most attractive and tourist visiting place in India. It is the World's Largest Comprehensive Hindu Temple that has been recorded in the Guinness world record. The temple is also known as Swaminarayan Akshardham.  The beautiful temple was built in the year 2005 that was officially opened on 6th November and is located near the bank of the river Yamuna. Maximum tourists are attracted by the splendid architectural designs and styles of Akshardham Temple. The temple portrayed the stories of Great Indian Epics namely ‘The Mahabharata’ and ‘The Ramayana’ where some structures of Hindu gods and goddesses are depicted on the walls of the Temple reflecting the spirituality of ancient India.  

Main Tourist Attractions of  Delhi Akshardham Temple : 

Akshardham Temple, Exhibitions halls, Musical fountain/water show and lightings, Lotus Garden

Time Duration: 4 hours Tentative.  

Sightseeing Attractions at Akshardham Temple Delhi

The temple has lots to show you if you are interested in Indian ancient history. There are different types of movies that are shown inside the movie theatre to gather knowledge about the history of the temple reflecting Indian Culture.

Entrance to Akshardham Temple

While entering Akshardham Temple you will find tight security in the main gate. No one can carry still/video cameras, laptop bags, mobiles are restricted. Then explore the temple and wall paintings, visit inside the temple and take a darshan. There is a holy lake that fulfils one’s wishes. There are also shops inside the temple area where you can take some snacks.

Exhibitions Hall in Akshardham Temple Delhi

There are three halls inside the temple namely - Hall of Values, Giant Screen Film, Cultural Boat Ride. The duration of time is 50mins, 40mins and 15 mins accordingly. It enlightens the life and spirituality of India's customs and rituals, its arts and architectures and also India’s glorious heritage.

Musical Fountain/Water show and lighting in Akshardham Temple Delhi 

After sunset, there is a fabulous musical fountain show for the tourists who want to sit and enjoy the beautiful water show with Indian Musical instruments.

Garden of Lotus in Akshardham Temple Delhi

Inside the Akshardham temple, there is a garden that is structured as lotus styled. The architecture of the garden is designed by some expert scientists, philosophers and others.

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Akshardham Temple Darshan in Delhi (Half Day Tour)

Akshardham Temple Darshan in Delhi

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