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North East Region of India

Main Attraction

Phawngpui Hills, Aizawl, Tam Dil, Sibuta Lung, Memorial of Chhingpui, The Pala Lake, Lunglei, Vanhimailian Sailo, Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary

Best Time To Visit

Throughout the year


Winter Season Min 11°C to Max 21 °C and Summer Se

About Mizoram


Mizoram is one of the beautiful hilly region and 7 sister States of India. The word Mizo means “Man of Hills” and Ram means “land”. In the year 1986, Mizoram was formed as a state, but earlier, it was regarded as a Union Territory. This is the one of the seven sister state of India. According to the recent year 2014,  Mizoram has become of the second largest literacy State all over India after Kerela. Mizoram people are deeply attached to their culture and traditions, ethical dresses and also to the nature. The main mother tongue of Mizoram is Mizo. But with this there are other tribal communities. They like music and celebrate feast on any important occasions. 

The people of Mizoram are very kind hearted and soft spoken. Tourist may not understand their language but their intention is to tourist happy and gay when they come to visit their land. They are very talented in making handlooms, handicrafts, and to promote their traditional crafts events are exhibited for the local people of the state. Now-a-days, the exhibition  has spread worldwide into the  international platform.


Tourist destinations in Mizoram are:-

  1. Phawngpui Hills
  2. Aizawl
  3. Tam Dil
  4. Sibuta Lung
  5. Memorial of Chhingpui
  6. The Pala Lake
  7. Lunglei
  8. Vanhimailian Sailo
  9. Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary and many more.
Tourist Attractions

Must visit places:

Phawngpui Hills

It is a high mountain peak in Mizoram. This peak will exhibit the most enchanting view of Mizoram state. This place is rich in culture. This cliff is said to be the haunted place.


Aizawl is the capital city of the state Mizoram. The city has many attractive picnic spots, lakes, falls, virgin Forest and others. The main attractions of Aizawal are- Bara Bazar, Mini Zoo, Luangmual Handicarfts Centre, Mizoram State Museum, Durtlang Hills, Berawtlang Tourist Complex etc.

Tam Dil

This lake is known as “Lake of Mustard”. It is the main centers for Fisheries Department which is surrounded by thick forest. There is a small story behind the name of the lake.


It is a busy Commercial town and is a Naturalist’s paradise. It is an important agriculture and seri-culture center. 5 km away from Champhai is the Ruantlang village where glimpses of the ancestral way of life of the Mizos can still be seen.

Khawnglung Wildlife Sanctuary

It is one of the most famous  wildlife Sanctuary in the state of Mizoram. It covers an area of about 35 Sq. Km. and ranges in altitude from 400m to 1300m. Animals commonly found here are Wild boars etc.

How to Reach

How to Reach Mizoram

  1. By Air - The nearest airport is Aizawl. Aizawl is connected to Guwahati, Kolkata. The state of Mizoram is well connected with  other states and cities of India.
  2. By Rail -  The nearest railhead is Silchar and Guwahati, which is in Assam and is connected to other states and cities of India.
  3. By Road The NH - 54 connects Aizawl with the rest of the country through Silchar. Buses and taxis are available from Silchar to Aizawl. There is also road connected to Shillong and Guwahati.

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