Manipur- “One of the Cultural Hubs of India”

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North East Region of India

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Langthaband, Khwairamb and Bazaar, Khonghampat Orchid Yard, Shaheed Minar, Sri Govindajee Temple, the War Cemeteries, and others.

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Throughout the year


Winter Season Min 4°C to Maxi 18 °C and Summer Se

About Manipur


Manipur covering an area of 22,356 sq.m, the state of Manipur is essentially a mountain region with a deep fertile valley in its centre. The state share its boundaries with Nagaland in the north, Mizoram in south, Burma in east and the Cochar district of Assam in the west.

Legend attributes the birth of Manipur to a super being, called by different names, who is supposed to have dug a tunnel to drain out the water under which Manipur had lain for thousands of years. This tunnel called Chingnung Hut is on the side bordering Burma, and its execution is certainly remarkable. The story now forms a part of Manipuri folklore.

Manipur is the home of some 29 tribes such as the Nagas and the Kukis who live up in the hills while the rest of the populace of Hindu (Meiteis) and Muslims reside in the plains. Their link language is Manipuri.

The main attractions of the state are its marvelous natural scenery, its rich cultural traditions and festivals, its exquisite handicrafts and handlooms, and of course the famous Manipuri dance -- the Ras Leela -- one of India's major classical dance forms.


Must Visit includes:-

  1. wairamb and Bazaar
  2. Khonghampat Orchid Yard
  3. Shaheed Minar
  4. Sri Govindajee Temple
  5. The War Cemeteries
Tourist Attractions

Tourist destinations in Manipur are:-


Cut through by two rivers, the Imphal and the Nambul, the city of Imphal is the capital of Manipur. The city is encircled by lovely hills and mountains, with the Nongmaijing hills in the east and the Langol in the north. Imphal, derived from the word ‘Yumpham', means homestead. Founded in the 1st century A.D., the city is one of the most ancient of the state capitals of India.

In and around Imphal are numerous interesting places both natural and man-made. The beautiful orchid yard set up by the State Forest Department contains some 110 varieties of orchids, some of them rare. The largest women's bazaar, perhaps in the whole of India, is the Khwairamband -- a bazaar famous for its artistic handlooms and handicrafts. And, there are numerous interesting temples and various other monuments.


Khonghampat Orchid Yard; Khwairamband Bazaar; Langthaband with its historical palace, temples and ceremonial houses; and the Shaheed Minar in memory of patriots who gave up their lives in defense of the independence of their land. Other interesting places include Sri Govindajee Temple, the War Cemeteries, the Zoo with its rare brow-antlered thiamin deer, and the Manipur State Museum.



It is (27 km) a picturesque town, known for its 1467 AD temple of Vishnu. The temple is made of small, thin bricks, perhaps indicating some Chinese influence. Kaina (29 km), sacred to the Hindus, is associated with the legend wherein Shri Govindajee appeared in a dream to Jail Singh, Maharaj of Manipur, and asked him to build a temple for him. Khongjom (36 km) marks the spot where General Paona waged a historic battle with the British. There is a war memorial on top of the hill. Mairang (45 km) was the temporary headquarters of the INA where the Indian tricolor was hoisted for the first time on Indian soil on April 12, 1944. About 45 km from Imphal is the Loktak Lake with its floating marshes which are still visited by wild beasts. Facilities for boating and fishing are available here. Mao (106 kms) is a beautiful hill station at a height of 1,757 metres. The Waithou Lake (16 km), is a picturesque village, on the Indo-Burma Road.

How to Reach

How to Reach Manipur

Imphal is directly air linked to Calcutta, Guwahati and Silchar by Indian Airlines. Nearest railheads are Dimapur

  1. (215 km) in Nagaland and Jiribam (225 km) which is on Manipur's border. By road, Imphal is reached via National Highways 39 and 53, which go through Guwahati and Silchar respectively. Buses ply to Dimapur and Guwahati.
  2. By Air - The state Capital Manipur, Imphal is directly well air linked to Calcutta, Guwahati and Silchar by Indian Airlines. Nearest railheads are Dimapur
  3. By Rail -   The State almost all major (as well as smaller) cities of the state is linked by rail. The state has largest railway network in Indian States, The railway stations of Capital of State is Lucknow NR, Kanpur Central, Varanasi JN, Agra Cant. and Mathura JN is included in the list of 50 world-class railway stations by Indian Railways in its an annual budget of Indian Railway.
  4. By Bus - Of the several bus stands in Manipur, the main one is the Uttar Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation (UPSRTC) Lucknow. From these bus stands, one can find buses to all corners of the state and some important locations of neighboring states.
  5. By Road - Imphal is reached via National Highways 39 and 53, which go through Guwahati and Silchar respectively. Buses ply to Dimapur and Guwahati.

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