Nagaland-“The Land of Freedom Loving”

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North East Region of India

Main Attraction

Dimapur, Kohima, JAPVO Peak, Phek, Zunhebato etc.

Best Time To Visit

Throughout the year


Winter Season Min 12 °C to Maxi 30 °C and Summer

About Nagaland


Nagaland –the land of the freedom loving, marital race of the Nagas – Surrounded by Arunachal  Pradesh, Assam, Manipur and Burma, is one of the smallest state of India. The land of predominantly hilly. With a cool and bracing climate, the Himalaya  hills are beautiful and misty with carpets of green interspersed with flashes of colorful clusters of flowers. The hillsides are practically covered by them. Resplendent in their beautiful clothes and fascinating ornaments, with colorfully painted faces, the Naga display an unbeatable  enthusiasm while performing their famous war dance. Their vitality and their liveliness also find expression in their handicrafts. Nagaland is Famous for its wood and bamboo creations like pipes, bowls, baskets and mats.


Must visit includes-

  1. Dimapur
  2. Kohima
  3. JAPVO Peak
  4. Phek
  5. Zunhebato
Tourist Attractions

Tourist attractions:-

The relics of the Kachri kingdom which held sway during the medieval times, the Ruth’s and Haralu emporia, are famous for their exquisite Nagas shawls and other handicrafts. Here one can see women skillfully working on their traditional looms. Dimapur also has some lovely tea garden, and the river Dhansiri is in its vicinity and about 39 Kms away is the Intangki Wildlife Sanctuary.   


Driving though hills and fields covered with rich green grass and masses of beautiful flowers on the way from Dimapur to the capital city of Kohima is a unique experience. The city , which stands at a height 1,500 meters, came into the limelight the during the British  Indian forces were able to push back the Japanese and the INA of Subhash Chandra Bose from here. The old village of Kohima overlook the modern city.


About 20 Kilometers from Kohima is JAPVO, it is the highest peak of Nagaland, rising to 3,014 meters above sea level.


About 150 Kilometers from Kohima is Phek, it is a picturesque town, is a storehouse of numerous varieties of flowers


About 150 Kilometers from Kohima is Zunhebato, it is the home of the Semas.


Dimapur, derives its name from the river, Dimasa, which flows through the city. It is one of the most important cities of the northeastern region of India, and is also the gateway to Nagaland. It boasts of having the state’s only railhead and airport. With its club and restaurants, banks and emporiums, Dimapur wear a lively and busy look. Situated on national highway 39, it is also an important commercial centre of the region. History records Dimapur as the capital of the Kachari rulers during the medieval ages. Dimapur has numerous attractive in terms of its  history, its natural beauty and its history, its natural beauty and its new Intangki wildlife sanctuary.

How to Reach

How to Reach Nagaland 

Nagaland is well connected to the major Indian cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata.

  1. By Air- The State Capital of  Dimapur has one domestic Dimapur Airport, which has flights to Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and Silchar
  2. By Rail - The railway network in the state is minimal. Broad gauge lines run 7.98 miles (12.84 km)
  3. By Bus- Of the several bus stands in Nagaland, the main one is the Nagaland State Road Transport Corporation (NSRTC) Dimapur. From these bus stands, one can find buses to all corners of the state and some important locations of neighboring states.
  4. By Road- Nagaland well connected by National Highway roads 227.0 miles (365.3 km), and state roads 680.1 miles (1,094.5 km)

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