Assam-A Group of “Seven Sister North-East States in India”

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North East Region of India

Main Attraction

Majuli Island, Kamakhya Temple, Srimanta Shamkardev Kalakhetra, Kaziranga National Park, Manas National Park, Hajo, Dibrugarh,Tezpur, Shivasagar etc.

Best Time To Visit

Every year October to May


Winter Season Min 06 °C to Maxi 19 °C and Summer

About Assam


Assam is a magnificent and diverse state with a collection ranging landscapes and cultures located in the northeast India. It shares its boundary with Bhutan and Bangladesh.

Assam has many wonderful things to experience. Amongst them are the Majuli island, beautiful temples, Kaziranga National Park (home to the world famous and rare one horned rhinoceros), the beautiful Assam Silk, ancient architectural marvels and a large no. of Golf courses and also beautiful and luxurious heritage resorts and colonial tea bungalows. Renowned for its unique tea garden, abundant flora and fauna and rare species of wildlife. Assam is the only place in the world after Africa, where such a large variety of wildlife exists.

One can say that the history of Assam emerges from the Stone Age. Over a couple of centuries, a variety of empires have ruled over it. This state boasts of traces of Assamese folklore Buddhist literature, Vedic literature and Tantric literature. The serene river Brahmaputra which originates in Tibet marks its entry in India at Assam.


Must Visits include -

  1. Majuli Island
  2. Kamakhya Temple
  3. Kaziranga National Park
  4. Hajo
  5. Sualkuchi 
Tourist Attractions

Main Attractions of Assam:

Assam Tea Gardens

Assam is world famous for its tea, which is known across the World for its color, taste and aroma. The Tea gardens here spread over hundreds of acres of land. A stroll in these gardens, with the refreshing fragrance in the air and a hot cup of tea is an enchanting experience. The Dibrugarh is the best place to visit tea gardens of Assam.

River Cruise at Brahmaputra in Assam

A cruise on the mesmerizing Brahmaputra is a breathtaking experience. One can spot many dolphins during the cruise. One can make it an exciting experience of doing wildlife safaris, visits to tea gardens, visits to the villages, barbecues on river islands, dance performances, browsing the towns on cycle rickshaws, visiting handicraft workshops.

Kaziranga National Park in Assam

This paradise for wildlife lovers is a center of attraction with people coming here from all over the World. It is recognized as a World Heritage Site. It has the unique specie of the One horned Rhinoceroses. Kaziranga is a huge area boasting of tall elephant grass, dense tropical forests, marshlands. Interestingly, it is crisscrossed by four rivers- Brahmaputra, Mora Dhansiri, Mora Diphlu and Diphlu. Kaziranga has been a common theme of some documentaries, songs and books. In 2005, the park has celebrated its centennial after completing 100 years since its establishment as a forest reserve.

Some interesting facts about this beautiful state are given below:

  1. States- Some of the popular cities of Assam are Dibrugarh, Digboi, Guwahati, Sibasagar, Majuli Island, Halflong, Tezpur, and Umrongso.
  2. Languages spoken- Assamese, English and Bengali are the languages spoken here.
  3. Fairs and Festivals- Bihu festival of Assam is popular for its celebrations on account of the harvest season. Celebrated in January, its signature’s are religious traditions, music and dance performances and feasts.
  4. Handicrafts of Assam- Assam has a beautiful variety of handicrafts such as handlooms, metal crafts, bamboo toys, silk fabric, cane products,  mud and cloth toys, woodcraft, pottery, jewelry and masks.
  5. Cuisine- Most dishes here are made of rice. One can try out the  popular ones like japonica, indicia and Joha. Meat lovers can take indulge a variety of fish dishes including Tenga(sour fish curry- a traditional dish of Assam).
  6. Accommodation- From budget hotels to luxury hotels.
  7. Best Time to visit- October to April.
How to Reach

How to Reach Assam

  1. By Air- The international airport is at Guwahati. Whereas the Domestic airports are situated in Dibrugarh, Jorhat, Dibrugarh, Tezpur, Dibrugarh and Silchar.
  2. By Rail: Assam is well connected to the major cities of the country
  3. By Road: A network of National highways and other roads connects the state to the major cities of the country.

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